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Nasal allergies




The impurities in the lungs and respiratory tract are cleared.

The immune and respiratory systems regain their functions, so that the body is able to obtain enough oxygen.

When the body has enough oxygen, the metabolism of new cells will be accelerated while the body’s internal organs’ functions are enhanced to invigorate the lungs and strengthen the body.

The continued use of TigroC will play a role in health care in daily life, thus achieving the triple effect: improvement, prevention and root removal.

How to Consume

How to Consume


Tiger Milk Mushroom

Vitamin C



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Customer Review

Sam Chew 首席营养师

BSc (Hons) Food Nutrition & Consumer Protection,

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Nadia Anuar

Melegakan keradangan dalam rongga dan saluran
pernafasan, terutamanya sesak nafas, hidung berair, kegatalan serta alahan
hidung lain serta mengawal selia sistem imun.


Soothes inflammation in the nasal cavity and
respiratory tract, significantly relieves nasal congestion, runny nose, nasal
itching and others, as well as regulate the immune system.

Father of Tiger Milk Mushroom Dr.Tan Chon Seng

For over 400 years, folks have used the mushroom to traditionally treat various health concerns like lung problems, asthma, cough and fever

Customer Review - Nasal Allergic

The tiger milk mushroom can strengthen your
loved one’s immune system and protect from
lung ailments, cough and asthma.

Customer Review - Covid Story

Tiger Milk Mushroom could help to regulate the body’s immune system
function and enhance respiratory system functions. Most importantly, this
allows the body to get enough oxygen, supplying you with more energy every day.